Thursday, May 01, 2014

TITAN3 - finished

All done! Onto the next one!

Feel free to use as a wallpaper, perfect size for it!

Tutorial - Coloring a B&W painting!

Annnnnss the second part of the painting! The color part!

I'll show you guys how I approach coloring a black and white painting in this video. Not the cleanest way to do it, but this is what works best for me :)

And might as well throw in the full thing at the same time!

Tutorial - Painting with Values

In this video I try to explain the pros and cons in starting a painting with values only, no colors.

New art - TITAN3 process

Here are some WIPs!


I'm updating my YouTube channel to match my new website I'm developping and will be able to show you guys soon, but for now, here's the update news:

Make sure you bookmark this address :)

Tutorial - How to paint folds

In this video I try to explain my process, although a very simplified version of it, when it comes to painting folds for my characters, hope this hepls!

Why speedpaint?

Hey guys! In this video I try to explains the reasons why one should consider or not doing speedpainting.