Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Speedpaint - Spellcraft

Here is a quick painting I did last night! A little bit under 2 hours!

How to shade surfaces

This is something I've had lots of requests for, so here it is! HOW TO SHADE ... whatever?

Retrospective - Beginnings

Hello herrroo here is the first (second?) part of my retrospective! I released the later period first and this is my early days as an artist. Hope you guys enjoy all the terribad art ;D

Why Art School Sucks

Here is a new painting and along with it, my views on the schooling system, especially art school.


Zero The Grappler

Here's the final image

MASSIVE update!!

Hey guys! Its been a while and I've been super busy with lots of exciting stuff I'll share with you soon, but as usual, also a TON of art and tutorials!

Time to catch up and post everything, I'll be splitting it up in different posts so your computer doesn't explode.

Here's the first two, Blocking out a sci-fi scene and concepting a mech