Thursday, May 01, 2014

TITAN3 - finished

All done! Onto the next one!

Feel free to use as a wallpaper, perfect size for it!


Do Ge said...

But it just says "U MAD?" nice one marc. ;)

Bluefley said...

oops! old annoying feature I forgot to get rid of, should work now! :D

Shiro Kage said...
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Shiro Kage said...

Hi, wasn't sure where to ask you so i'll do it here ^^'
if a painting or a concept takes too much time, is it better to leave it and try another one or continue the one you're working on?

the SAD machine said...

Definitely going to use it as a wallpaper, Thanks. Youre good man, youre very good at this.

Jaume Guardiola said...

Hi! I've been watching a lot of your videos on youtube, and I have one question: could I get similar results with an intuos pro? Or I should get a cintiq? I mean, I think if you get used to draw and see separately, your skills have to be more or less the same, right? I'm still drawing on paper and learning a lot from you!

Lou Mareno said...

Hi ya Marc
Just wanted to say I enjoy all of your videos, and your blog.
You are an a Amazing Artist, thank you for uploading so many wonderful videos on youtube.
all the best to you

Mayumi Elisa said...

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