Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How it is to work as a professional artist

Hello! This is the latest piece I did to accompany my latest Youtube video. I talk about the art biz and give a few portfolio tips, check it out! :)


Cyrus Crashtest said...

Really enjoyed this video actually - for quite a few reasons, but the main one is that at no point did i feel you were talking down to your audience as i find with some youtube vids in the same line.
Also though, it overall felt encouraging (and I'm not one for a positive viewpoint).
However, as I do work as an artists myself (though not to the same level) I'd really like to see something on perhas employing the same skills / practice and some of the business ecumen involved with dealing with an indie development, rather than a AAA title or studio. I don't know if you yourself have such advice, but it would be a singularly unique watch on Youtube I think!
Thanks again! :)

Cyrus Crashtest said...

Edit: damn my spelling! Heheh!

Tiago Lago said...

Hi, I've found your banner at deviantart and never imagined the great artist you are! Sharing your knowledge with us that way and saying for everybody that you began as a self-taught and become a professional is so inspiring that I only can say, thank you!
Keep the great work you've done, not only a great artist but a great teacher!

Bluefley said...

Cyrus, I'll see what I can do! Thanks :D

@Tiago, thanks man!