Thursday, November 07, 2013

How to create my SQUARE BRUSH!

Lot of peopl eare constantly asking for this brush, while its nothing special, I'm always happy to share it. But today I have something even better, I'm showing you how to make it yourself!

 "Teach a man how to fish and..." you know the deal :)


Mathew Kaminski said...

It sounds really dumb, but thank you! I'm sure there have been tutorials on how to make brushes everywhere else, but you made it look so easy! I'm going to try it out myself and see if I get some nice texture brushes going.

Bluefley said...

glad you liked it! :D

Paul Summerfield said...

Bluefly, do you use square brushes alot?

Maybe ill give them ago too. ;)

Hows the Companion going?

Anonymous said...

Man, I am so new to tablet painting even this lost me. I mean I can make a square and use a brush to rough it up, but I have no idea how you're changing opacity and brush sizes and styles so quickly and so often.
Am I missing something? Is it all keyboard shortcuts to select the pipette, or what?
I feel like I'm missing something really basic.

I love your tutorials, though. I used to work in traditional media, so I'm happier with your one-layer methods :)